Design & Build and Operating SWRO Plant 300 m3/day at Ras Sedr Marble Factory.

Design & Build and Operating BWRO Plant 300 m3/day at Ras sedr, Egypt.

the  RO Plant is producing 500 m3/day of desalinated water.

The RO water system is equipped with advanced filtration system to guarantee the best quality of RO water treatment product
The SWRO desalination plant for sea water ro system is equipped with  Pentair pressure vessel, Toray membrane, Pentair cartridge filter, PVC and stainless steel valves, pipes and fittings.
In addition all the RO water plant is controlled totally with PLC control unit.
All wells pump and feed pumps for the RO system are supplied by Grundfos pumps, booster pumps and submersible pumps.