Desalination plants products

BS Egypt is able with it is professional staff to run a complete project of brackish water and sea water reverse osmosis treatment plants in open skid version and containerized version starting from the selection of location, geo-electric survey, drilling with percussion method, well design, gravel and pipe supplying, well washing and disinfection, deep well pumps coupling and hose supplying finally to install an safe and secure control panel with all protection in addition water analysis.

RO system is the most advanced technique in water Desalination systems.
It can be design for both small and large scale water plants according to the permeate flow output. Water stations are needed for Hotels, Farms and daily use in other applications.


  • Containerized SWRO Plants
  • Open Skid SWRO Plants
  • Containerized BWRO Plants
  • Open Skid BWRO Plants
  • RO system Components
  • Pretreatment facilities
  • Ultra filtration Units
  • Pumps and instrumentation


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