April 16 2015

Attending RO work shop – Zagazig university

BS Egypt Co. participation as main sponsor at “RO desalination” seminar which held in the (Faculty of Engineering, Zagazig University) on19th April 2015 with the presence of the governor of Sharqya governorate «Dr. Reda Abdel Salam», to participate in the seminar of water desalination reverse osmosis that organized by the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Zagazig . The seminar was attended by, head of Zagazig University, « Dr. Ashraf Shehy», and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, « Dr. Gouda Attia», and many of the advisors, companies and one of the participated companies is BS Egypt co. which work in the field of brackish water and sea water reverse osmosis treatment plants, experts and consultants in the field of desalination and water treatment. The governor stated that: «The University is the house expertise for the governorate, today we are witnessing the first of cooperation between Zagazig University and the governorate». « Dr. Abdul Salam» advised to work and recommendations of the applicable process and contributes to provide the necessary solutions to solve water shortage problems in the north sector. For his part, the president of the university, «Dr. Ashraf Al-Shehy» asked to organize a gathering trip between the university and the governorate, for visiting the new Suez Canal; to inspire hope for all, saying: «We are facing a real achievement to be proud ». He also ensured «Dr. Ashraf Al- Shehy», that he already prepared a serious study in various faculties of the university; to develop a strategic plan for Sharqya governorate to make a firm development, maintain and create a better life for the people of Sharqya governorate. He also told the Dean of the College of Engineering «Dr. Gouda Attia» that the groundwater desalination of sea water or water or drainage ways, based on the first two methods by distillation and the need for high temperature, other reverse osmosis, which requires electric power.