Delivery of SWRO Desalination Plant at Sea view Resort

Delivery of SWRO Desalination Plant for Wady El Nil Contracting & Real-estate Investments Company (El- Narges water desalination plant in North Coast – k 80, Egypt) in 45 days.
The new desalination plant located at El- Narges village, the desalination plants is producing 1000 cubic meter a day of fresh water, the delivery time of the plant is a great challenge and commitment as it’s already delivered in only 45 days which is the fastest delivery time of reverse osmosis desalination plant ,the geo electric study for the intake and reject wells is already done, the estimated salinity is about 28000 ppm, well drilling operation is running at the moment, the constructions of the container and the design, projection, and assembly is on schedule, launching of the plant done on June  -2016.
The reverse osmosis desalination plant system is equipped with energy recovery devices Turbo chargers, VFD as well. The RO water system is equipped with advanced filtration system to guarantee the best quality of RO water treatment product
The SWRO desalination plant for sea water ro system is equipped with energy recovery turbo charger, high pressure pump Sulzer, Pentair pressure vessel, Toray membrane, Pentair cartridge filter, PVC low pressure work and stainless steel high pressure work , Etatron dosing pumps ,grundfos backwash and flushing pumps ,GF flow meter and conductivity meter ,micro logix plc device and allen Bradley touch colored screen
in addition all the RO water plant is controlled totally with plc control unit
All wells pump and feed pumps for the RO system are supplied by Grundfos pumps,grundfos booster pumps and grundfos submersible pumps.